Katey Sagal: “Married with Children” is the longest-running sitcom

Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Now after many years, Katey Sagal says that everybody always knew that the cult series “Married with Children” was misogynistic tv show. The female characters were mostly bumpy, but at the same time it was still funny.

But the most important thing to note is that the series was a comedy tv show, and they did not have bad intentions other than fun. Everybody knew that, and because of that we all love “Married with Children”.

Katey Sagal peggy bundy then and now

So this has happened two years ago when she was guest at AOL Webtalk show, in the same year when was the series’s 30th anniversary.

Married with Children is one of the biggest TV hits of the 90s

As well Katey Sagal said: “It was just my job, and it was fun”, so we can conclude from this that she did not mind her role as Peggy Bundy. But also in the very beginning of the series, she was skeptical, and she was not sure how the series would TV viewers react on sitcom.

However, the series has become a hit, where many years later everybody still loves the show.

The tv characters from the show Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud are legends for all time.

Christina Applegate returns to TV with Netflix show “Dead to Me”

After some time actress Christina Applegate returns to the small screens, she got a lead role in the new Netflix show called “Dead to Me”. From what can see it is comedy tv show with good user ratings.

Dead to Me Netflix

At this moment Netflix ordered ten episodes for this tv show, after that if everything goes well. They will normally renew the show. So we hope that it will be good. However in this show, Christina Applegate will have the role of Jen Harding, whose husband was killed in an accident.

Dead to Me

As we all know well, the actress most often plays in TV comedies. It is also commonly known that many times she was called to produce tv series, but she is very picky. So she is not often on tv because of that. Last time she appeared in the movie called Bad Moms.

David Faustino – Al Bundys son Bud has a brother

If we go back to the past then we can see that since his guest role in tv series called “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”, actor David Faustino has been friends with the Corin Nemec. Some time after they have together created the online tv series called ‘Star-ving’ in the year 2009. But unfortunately the series never came to life. After that he had several guest appearances, but nothing major. So we could say that he was in series where he had guest tv appearances, such as in “Winx Club: Enchantix”, “Dragons: Riders of Berk”, “The Legend of Korra”, and for example “Bones”. For now nothing serious and constant in some tv show.

Michael Faustino

It is also very interesting that he was a temporarily member of a music rock band in the early 90s. They were most popular with the album “Balistyx” including single ‘I Told Ya’.

As for the family, he has a brother Michael Faustino which is also an actor. His brother was in several movies: “Suburban Commando”, “Fatal Friendship”, but he was also several times guest star in “Married with Children”.

Michael Faustino mwc

According to VH1 list: Entertainment 100 Greatest Kid Stars, David Faustino is ranked 48th.

Besides acting he also for some time had the restaurant “The Central” in Los Angeles.

Once upon a time, he wanted to see if anyone would recognize him, so he went to the mall. He walked there, but no one recognized him. It was not difficult for him, in fact he says: it is an advantage for to walk freely.

Christina Applegate and Mila Kunis in movie “Bad Moms”

It is quite normal that every woman wants to be a good mother, but just as everything in life is not ideal, and sometimes does goes exactly as you expect. So accordingly no woman likes to say that she is a bad mother because it is not a good thing to say. But in Hollyowd, two popular actresses Christina Applegate and Mila Kunis filmed a comedy movie called “Bad Moms”. Therefore the main roles in the movie have Christina Applegate, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Bell. Which emphasizes that the movie could be good and interesting to watch.


Christina Applegate

Namely the movie goes in the following way, three mothers perform a variety of nonsense, and at the same time entertain themselves in very strange ways. Because of that they come into conflict with the parents council, and there fun begins. Mostly throughout the movie you can see many funny scenes. Besides that the authors of the “Bad Moms” movie are Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.


The movie is funny to watch, because the actresses have a lot of experiences in the field of comedy since they have already been there before. For example Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy in “Married with Children”, and Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart in the series “That ’70s Show”.

George Harrison was thrilled with Christina Applegate

At a time when the series Married with Children was filmed, honestly who was not crush on the actress Christina Applegate? She was really popular to many in the 90’s as Kelly Bundy or Pumpkin as her father Al called her.

The same situation is also with the famous ex-Beatles musician George Harrison. He was thrilled with actress Christina Applegate. He said several times that she is a very talented actress, and he believes that she will have many good roles in Hollywood in the future.

It is also interesting that George Harrison met Faustino on “Married with Children” set where he immediately became a huge fan of the show. As well at that moement he became also a big fan of Applegate. He was supposed in love with her, but there is no concrete evidence for it except the story.

Since he was much older than she was, it was somewhat embarrassing in some way for her. But in the end everything went well and everyone laughed.