Married with Children: Vanna White and Al Bundy

So, Vanna White was born in 1957 in Myrtle Beach in the South Carolina. However what is most interesting her real name is Vanna Marie Rosich. Although we all know her by name Vanna White. The reason is that her father Miguel Angel Rosich left the family after her birth. Because of that Vanna took the name of her stepfather Herbert Stackley White.

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She started her television career very early in 1980, where she is most popular in the television show called The Price Is Right. After the Pat Sajak had left the show “Wheel of Fortune” in 1982, Vanna White received a permanent job as one of hostesses. She also managed to thrive so she became the regular assistant to the presenter. At that time Vanna White published her autobiography “Vanna Speaks”, but at the same time she was posing for Playboy.

Where she also states that she regrets doing that. We could see Vanna White in various TV series and films. So for example she was in “Full House”, “The Naked Cannon 33 1/3”, but most important she appeared in “Married with Children Episode:The Proposition – 26th episode of Season 7“.

vanna white married with children

Of other interesting things in 1992 Vanna White entered the Guinness Book of Records for the most common hand clapper on TV. In 2006, she received a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”. In any case, she is a very interesting person, especially actresses. What is your opinion about her, do you like Vanna White?

Ted McGinley and his long-time marriage with actress Gigi Rice

We can say that Ted McGinley is a very happy man who has got a TV role in one of the greatest tv shows “Married with Children”. This is also his greatest success so far in television business.

He was so cool with his humor but also with charm, so because of that everyone loved him in “Married with Children” tv show. However in his private life he has been living many years together with his wife Georgeanne Marie Rice, which is better known by name Gigi Rice. They married on June 21, 1991, and since then they live together. They have two sons which are called Quinn and Beau, and they are very happy together.

As well his wife Gigi is great actress with degree in musical theater and guest appearances on some great TV shows. For example she was in “CSI”, but she was also in tv series “The Closer”.

Today Ted McGinley still lives in the Golden State as always. He loves sports where he recently started to coach the baseball teams in which his two sons play. Apart from loving sport, he has been engaged in sports during his youth, specifically during high school he played water polo.

David Faustino: The unknown highlights of his career

Learn more about series star David Faustino

David Faustino’s television career began very early when he was young, his first tv appearance has occurred on television with the award-winning comedy tv show called “The Lily Tomlin Special”. Since his birth he lives in Los Angeles with parents Roger and Kay, and with younger brother Michael. Howewer his older stepbrother Jeff also works as an actor. So the whole family in the same movie business.

So David Faustino began acting career when he was six years old, since then he has a several guest television appearances in popular sitcoms such as “Family Ties”, and for example “The Love Boat”.

david faustino Family Ties

But certainly the most famous tv role he had in a tv series we all love is “Married with Children” as Bud Bundy. The series was on tv for 10 years, it was amazing.

But besides acting, tv star David was also working in some advertising campaigns for some huge companies in business world. in 2007, David Faustino was working on tv series called Star-ving, which is actually a internet series. But the series did not last long, and was canceled because of bad ratings.

Unfortunately, until today, he did not get a remarkable TV role in a series or movie, but we hope that will happen soon because he is a very good actor.

What Artificial Intelligence thinks about Ed O’Neill

Here you can see how Artificial Intelligence thinks about Ed O’Neill.

“My name is Ed O’Neill. He was born around a hundred years ago, perhaps in 1672, and is a member of the Old Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His mother married a Mr. F. F. McDonough, another member of the Old Church. But it will be interesting to observe how often he has attended, attended when he has been there, attended when he was out of the town, and his own opinions of others from those times have been quite different. For example he always speaks of the Book of Abraham. His daughter gave him a copy when he was a boy, and he has never since checked it. He also tells the tale of Moses of the prophet, but in the light of the circumstances of those occasions, as he does those that he has had to relate: Moses was a youth. He was in New Orleans, where he had come from California, and there was a congregation of Mormons.”

Anyway the engineer who created this special web application is Adam King. Otherwise OpenAI is a non-profit research organization which is working with artificial intelligence.

You can also try the system yourself at

What Pamela Anderson is doing now?

From what we can see, this days Pamela Anderson is looking for a friend. But she has some conditions. For example he needs to be a vegan. We don’t why, but this is most important condition from her. Besides that she wrote other conditions for friendship, so if you are interested then you need to read it on Twitter where she tweet.

But this is not all, she is looking for friend who is brave and radical. So if you want to be her friend and you meet her requirements don’t wait too long.

It is also a very interesting fact that Pamela Anderson has been twice in TV series Married with Children. If you do not remember that then read this article.


At that time she was not sure what she would do with her career, and she was just starting on television. In the end, she was very successful because she had stable tv role in a very popular TV series Baywatch. She had a role as C.J. Parker, and she appeared in 111 episodes.