Bud and Kelly Bundy meet again

How the time flies! Since “Married with Children” was filmed. At a movie premiere, Al Bundy kids meet again, and both now are in their 40s.

At the movie premiere of the “Vacation” movie in Los Angeles, David Faustino and Applegate met again. Many years after the end of the show, the unequal TV kids seem to be splendid at least in real life.

Bud and Kelly Bundy meet again

While Bud and Kelly were rarely at eye level on the TV show, things looked very different on the red carpet. We could see how Applegate and Faustino laughed and hugged, so cute.

“Vacation” is the new film made by Christina Applegate, which in the past few years has repeatedly featured in Hollywood comedies with similar movies.

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Even Faustino tried some TV roles in various productions, but he could not build same successes.

Married with Children: David Faustino as Bud Bundy aka Grandmaster B

David Faustino made his name as an actor worldwide with his starring role in the TV series called “Married with Children”. In a total of 257 episodes during ten years of production of the series, the actor in the role of Budrick Franklin Bundy, short Bud Bundy become popular.

GrandmasterB photos

But his lack of success applies only to the ladies, because David Faustino completed the high school diploma with flying colors, and then visited the Trumaine University.

David Faustino and Ed O’Neill Photos

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The career of Bundy son David Faustino remained relatively manageable after the end of Married with Children. It remained mostly with small guest appearances in TV series such as The X-Files, The Help, and Entourage. He also visited his former father at Modern Family as guest star.

Although he was denied for the big TV roles, he could now gain a better footing. He specialized more and more on appearances as a voice speaker in various animated series such as Dragons: Race to the Edge, and The Legend of Korra.



Faustino also learned to handle his situation with humor.

He had to participate in a private rehabilitation program in 2007 because of marijuana use, it was largely silent about this. In the same year he separated after three years of marriage from his wife Andrea Elmer. With his girlfriend Lindsay Bronson it’s going better, because since 2015 Faustino is the proud father of their daughter Ava Marie Grace Faustino.

David Faustino and Lindsay Bronson welcome daugther

David Faustino and fiancée Lindsay Bronson welcome daugther

Numerous guest appearances had the young actor in successful series such as “Love Boat”, “Fantasy Iceland” and “Twilight Zone”. On the big screen, he was seen as Ann-Margret’s son in “I Oughta Be In Pictures”, and opposite Kristy McNichol in “Love, Mary.” David has also made well over 50 commercials so far. However, he probably intends to make a name for himself in the music scene as well. Only recently has his solo rap album “Balistyx” come on the market.


David still lives at home with his family in Los Angeles, and apparently has a very social vein. After all, he is very committed to several charities, including “Variety Childrens Charity”.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge with Al Bundy Vine Compilation

This is so funny, that this we had to show you. Believe us that you will enjoy it, and you will have a good laugh while watching. Al Bundy is simply the best. These GIF’s images show various clips from the TV series Married with Children. We do not know which one is the best, because they are all really cool.

Let us know the impressions which GIF for you were the funniest. But in one thing we are sure that you will simply not be able to withstand not to laugh. But surely Al Bundy has made wonderful childhood for us. We all watched our favorite TV show every day, we even knew to watch several times a day the same episode. These were days, also we do not believe that today they could shoot such a TV series with this kind of humor. In any case enjoy it while you can.

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Al Bundy is the best fictional character, do you agree ?