Ed O’Neill thinks Dylan O’Brien is a good kisser

Ed O’Neill yesterday in the talk show by Ellen DeGeneres said: “He is a good kisser”. The actor talked about the YouTube series “Weird City”, in which he plays a gay couple with Dylan O’Brien.

Ed ONeill Kissed His Daughters Celebrity Crush Onscreen

ed oneill weird city

However, he also admitted that his daughter raves for the young Dylan O’Brien, and thus showed little enthusiasm when she had to watch the kissing scene between him and O’Brien. Ed O’Neill also said: “She was very upset”.

Amazing Ed O’Neill knew Meghan, Duchess of Sussex as a child

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (37) seems to have had a pretty exciting childhood! As an actress she made a name for herself in Hollywood before she married the British prince Harry (34), and turned her back on the dream factory.

How did that happen? Meghan’s father Thomas Markle worked for the show “Married with Children” first as responsible for the lighting, later as a cameraman.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

In Ellen DeGeneres talk show, Ed O’Neill said: “She always came in her little Catholic school uniform to the set, she was about nine years old.”

Meghan Markles Family Breakdown

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex spoke about it a years ago, and said: “Every day after school, for ten years, I was on the set of ‘Married with Children’.” She added also in the interview that she was not allowed to watch the sitcom. But she was allowed to see the credits so she could kiss the screen when she saw dad’s name there.

Married with Children: Ed O’Neill career in pictures part 2

I hope you will like this very interesting information about the actor Ed O’Neill. In the new sequel, we’ll show you where O’Neill has appeared in which movies. We will show you 10 different movies in which he had a role. We believe that you certainly did not know half of that. But we can certainly agree that he is an excellent actor. 

Before we start, we have one Ed O’Neill quote for you:

My father, he was a strong guy, a handsome guy, and a hard worker. I don’t believe he ever missed a day of work in his life.

Prefontaine (1997)


In the movie Prefontaine which is about the long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine, Ed O’Neill played as the coach in the movie.

The Spanish Prisoner (1997)

The Spanish Prisoner

After the end of very successful TV series “Married with Children” Ed O’Neill got the new TV role of law officer. So he appeared in the movie thriller called “The Spanish Prisoner” as an FBI team chief.

The Bone Collector (1999)

The Bone Collector

In the great movie called”The Bone Collector” Ed O’Neill starred alongside with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie as Police Detective Paulie Sellitto. What a great movie.

The 10th Kingdom (2000)

The 10th Kingdom

In the mini series called “The 10th Kingdom” O’Neill was seen as the troll which is certainly interesting. Do you agree? But at the same time funny.

Lucky Numbers (2000)

Lucky Numbers

In the TV comedy “Lucky Numbers” Ed O’Neill was seen as Dick Simmons. In the movie was also actor John Travolta where Dick Simmons was lover of Lisa Kudrow’s Crystal.

Big Apple (2001)

Big Apple

The TV series Big Apple is about two detectives of the New York City Police Department. Mooney (Ed O’Neill) and Trout (Jeffrey Pierce) collaborate with the FBI in the investigation about the organized crime. Despite good TV reviews, the series was cancelled after only 8 episodes which is really sad.

Spartan (2004)


In the action drama called “Spartan” Ed O’Neill was with William H. Macy and Val Kilmer. The movie was very interesting.

Dragnet (2003-04)


We can also see Ed O’Neill in the lead TV role in the police series Dragnet as Lt. John Friday. The series was canceled by ABC after the second season, for no unknown reason.

8 Simple Rules (2005)

8 Simple Rules

In the episode called Old Flame of the TV show 8 Simple Rules, O’Neill visited his former Married with Children wife Katey Sagal and played her ex-boyfriend. So cool!

The West Wing (2004-05)

The West Wing

Ed O’Neill took over the tv role of Governor Eric Baker in The West Wing tv show, where he appeared in four episodes.

Five Facts: Ed O’Neill almost landed in the NFL

There is hardly anyone who does not know the grumpy shoe salesman Al Bundy. Since 2009, O’Neill is again on the TV screens as head of the family in the Comedy Modern Family.

Love and Marriage are two things that do not go together. The former high school football star and unfortunate salesman has spent over ten years helping his ungrateful wife, Peggy, and his two outrageous children, Bud and Kelly. For his role in Married with Children, he has been twice nominated for the Golden Globe.

Now you will find more facts about Ed O’Neill below.

Fact 1:

NFL-Team Pittsburgh Steelers Al Bundy

Like his alter ego Ed O’Neill played football in high school and he was also awarded with a scholarship for Ohio University. But since he rather celebrated parties and dedicated more to the sport than to learning. He had to change the university, then he played in the defense for Youngstown State University. In 1969, he even belonged to the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fact 2:


Before Ed O’Neill became an actor, he worked as an assistant at the restaurant, bartender and second-hand dealer. In 1970, he even taught social studies at high school. And for four years, like his father and grandfather, he worked as a steelworker.

Fact 3:

Al Bundy Brazilian Jiujitsu

Ed O’Neill has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 15 years. He learned martial arts from the descendants of the inventors Helio and Carlos Gracie. In December 2007, he received his black belt.

Fact 4:

al bundy family

In the picture you can see his two television families. In real life, Ed O’Neill has been married to actress and dancer Catherine Rusoff since 1986. The couple split up in 1989 but reunited in 1993. The two have two daughters.

Fact 5:

Ed ONeill Boone

Ed O’Neill has created his own sandwich at the well-known Seport Deli in Setauket, New York, the “Boone”.

Married with Children: Ed O’Neill career in pictures part 1

As a Women’s shoe salesman Al Bundy in a terribly family, he became a TV star where he also continues his success 20 years later in Modern Family. Today we look back on Ed O’Neill previous TV shows. The US TV series Married with Children was not only an important milestone for the TV station FOX, but also for the actor Ed O’Neill. Who achieved his big breakthrough with this sitcom.

At that time O’Neill was 41 years old, and appeared in some guest roles on TV but nothing important. 20 years later, he landed in the second big coup with the role of family head of the Pritchett family in TV show Modern Family.

The Dogs of War (1980)

Before Ed O’Neill made his big breakthrough as a shoe salesman, he appeared in numerous guest roles on TV. His acting debut was in 1980 as detective writer in the thriller “Cruising”. Shortly after the next role was in movie “The Dogs of War” (1980) with Christopher Walken (see picture).Christopher Walken

He then appeared in several tv films including guest roles, for example the soap opera “Another World” (1981), “Hunter” (1985), For Hire”(1986).

Popeye Doyle (1984)

His first starring serious role was when Ed O’Neill was as NYPD Police Detective Popeye Doyle in movie “Manhattan Connection” (1986). But unfortunately despite good reviews for the actor movies was not success.

Ed O'Neill

Miami Vice (1984)

In the second episode of the 80s series “Miami Vice,” Ed O’Neill was a FBI agent called Arthur Lawson.

Miami Vice

Married with Children (1987-1997)

“Love and Marriage” are two things that do not go together, as Ed O’Neill aka Al Bundy fans have learned. The former high school football star, and unfortunate Women’s shoe salesman has spent over ten years helping his ungrateful family. Which are wife Peggy, and two outrageous children Bud and Kelly.

Married with Children

K-9 (1989)

In the movie “K-9”, Ed O’Neill appeared as Sergeant Brannigan, who is with Detective Michael Dooley (Jim Belushi) into new adventures.


Dutch (1991)

In the movie “Dutch” O’Neill takes over the lead role. He plays the partner of JoBeth Williams, who wants to see son (Ethan Embry) on Thanksgiving. That’s how Dutch Dooley needs to help him.


Wayne’s World (1992 – 1993)

In the jam “Wayne’s World” O’Neill took over the role of Glen, the manager of Stan Mikita’s donuts.

Waynes World

Little Giants (1994)

Little Giants

In the family comedy “Little Giants” Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neill play two brothers in competition with each other.