Al Bundy’s Dodge has over a million miles

The legendary Al Bundy car is a Dodge however in reality it is not a Dodge. It is actually Plymouth Duster various years (1966, 1971 and 1974) depending on episode from Tv series Married with Children. Dodge and Plymouth Duster are very similar cars to each other, and both brands belong to same car company Chrysler.

Get the Dodge Outta Hell al bundy

Also it is funny when in one episode Al Bundy says that he does not want Plymouth but his Dodge. As well Al’s car is brown but before was used to be blue. Even when it went to the car wash it turned out that car color is red. Al Bundy car in the sitcom had a lot of accidents, but in the end it has all survived. It is hard to believe that Bundy’s Dodge has over a million miles, and it is still running like new.

Today it’s not easy to find used but good condition Plymouth Duster. If we find one, they turn out to be not so cheap. So maybe Al Bundy can make a fortune with his Dodge.

al bundy rich

Is “Married with Children” coming back? David Faustino says maybe

David Faustino is most popular for Bud Bundy role, and now he is talking about a possible Married with Children reboot. But do not go straight ahead because there are still legal problems about this idea which needs to be done.

So everyone knows that in the late 80s and 90s, “Married with Children” tv series was the most popular tv show. Also when you see how many successful sitcom reboots are now here, the chance for a return of the Married with Children is probably not bad either also.


David says: “Nothing is confirmed now, so I do not know,” in a conversation with “TMZ”. But immediately after the great actor gives the hope to the fans of the tv series. We are sure that everybody wants to see Married with Children reboot, but there is still the process of solving some legal problems.

grandmaster b

If you ask yourself would everyone be in reboot? Then with certainty we can not confirm it, at this moment it is unclear who would be in the Married with Children reboot.

But we belive that fans would only accept the original cast from the sitcom normally. So we all want to see again Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Kelly Bundy, and others.

It would also not be bad to see again Steve and Marcy.

Steve and Marcy

But still some actors are not too happy about this idea, for example Christina Applegate in 2017 said “I’m a mother, I’m no longer that type of actor.” Same opinion has Ed O’Neill aka Al Bundy, where he said once: “I think we’re done with it”.

Without a mutual agreement within Bundy’s, we believe that nothing will be happen.

What do you think about Married with Children reboot?

The day Pamela Anderson seduced Al Bundy: Great moments of “Married with Children”

The popular TV series “Married with Children” starring with the Bundy family must be one of the best comedies that came to break the stereotype of the perfect American family.

al bundy pamela anderson gif

In each episode the Bundy family managed to shake the American television thanks to its humor, and also the participation of some celebrities.

Such was the case with Pamela Anderson who had two brilliant appearances in the tv comedy. Also that to this day are remembered by the millions of fans of the series. She is also the former Playboy bunny, and lifeguard of “Baywatch” tv show.

At the beginning of the 90s just over three years after its premiere, Pamela Anderson echoed her growing fame as an advertising model for a Canadian beer. She participated in two episodes called “Al With Kelly” and “Route 666: Part 2”.

married with children Pamela Anderson

In both episodes it appears as part of a fantasy of Al Bundy. In the first episode appears as the fictional wife who disputes the love of the shoe salesman with Beckie Mullen in a sensual fight on the bed. While in the second episode leaves as part of another fantasy of the protagonist, but this time with five beautiful women on his favorite sofa.

Ed O’Neill – more than Al Bundy

Beginnings at “Miami Vice”

With “Miami Vice”, O’Neill had one of his first major appearances, in the second episode called “Heart of Darkness”, which aired in 1984 for the first time. O’Neill is seen as an undercover cop who gets caught up in the crime.

Miami Vice

That he came out big with “Married with Children”, he has to thank mainly enemies of the series. There were letter campaigns, and boycott calls, people complained about the content and hostility of the show. This got so much attention that eventually it became a real success.

married with children

Al Bundy makes him rich

To get the role of Al Bundy, Ed O’Neill did not have to do much. During the audition he needed walk through the door of the Bundy House. Before he came in, he allegedly just shrugged his shoulders, and sighed dejectedly.

Gallery below.

As a women’s shoe salesman Ed O’Neill then earned good money. At the end of the tv series “Married with Children”, according to US media reports, he has received more than $500,000 per episode. At this time he was one of the highest paid tv series stars.

al bundy womens shoes

When it comes to life, Ed O’Neill also has plenty of experience. Since 1986, he is married to actress Catherine Rusoff, who also appeared in two episodes of “Married with Children”.

Who is Taylor Swift? Ed O’Neill has no idea!

Whether they saw him as Al Bundy or Jay Pritchett, people know Ed O’Neill for sure. Even celebrities talk to the “Modern Family” – “Married with Children” star again and again, because they like him. But it is also often the case that he has no idea who is in front of him. During his visit to Ellen DeGeneres show, he revealed the story of how he met Taylor Swift, and he had absolutely no idea who was facing it.

When his colleague Sarah Hyland celebrated his birthday, he addressed at the party by: “this beautiful, young woman”. The two talked, and O’Neill knew he had a celebrity in front of him but could not say who it was. So he took a selfie of himself and the unknown lady to send to his daughter Sophia, who wanted to help him with the identification.

Be sure to look all photos below.

So Ed O’Neill could say goodbye to the singer at the end of the evening with the words “It was nice to meet you, Taylor”.