These 5 things about Al Bundy and “Married with Children” you did not know part 2

We are confident that these facts you certainly did not know about “Married with Children”, so let’s move on.

1. During the filming of the series, members of their families often appeared as guests in the show. So we could see a couple of times Ed O’Neill’s wife, but also brother Katey Sagal brother which appeared also several times.

Ed ONeills wife

2. Otherwise, most people still believe that the Bundy family name was taken from Ted Bundy, but that’s not true. It was take from the professional wrestler King Kong Bundy. Which has also appeared twice in the series.

3. Although we probably will not find out the truth about the cancellation of the show, Ed O’Neill says that the series has been cancelled because of the too high price for television rights. He also states that other television company had to pay for one episode nearly a million dollars.

4. And as a last fact, it is also about the cancellation of the series. So when the “Married with Children” unfortunately was cancelled on May 7, 1997. The television house has published a sad news about the cancellation of the series. But for an unknown reason they did not tell the actors this sad new. So at that moment, Ed O’Neill was on vacation, and he heard the news from his neighbors.

These 5 things about Al Bundy and Married with Children you did not know

Katey Sagal

1. If you did not know actor Katey Sagal decided that her character as Peggy Bundy must have the 60’s style of dress. But also she wanted to have a huge wide belts, super hairstyles, and tight leggings were actually Peggy’s trademark in the sitcom.

Roger Moore

2. Also a very interesting fact is that the famous actor Roger Moore which is best known as James Bond 007. It has admitted that he is a huge fan of the Married with Children. But this is not all because the deceased series director Boris Sagal, who was also the father of the famous “Peggy” in real life, was very good friend to James Bond.

roger moore

Christina Applegate

3. Coincidence or not, you decide but Al Bundy daughter Kelly, was born on the same date which is November 25, 1971 like Christina Applegate the actress in real life.

Ed O’Neill

4. At the beginning of the show they were not convinced that Ed O’Neill would successfully embody Al Bundy role in sitcom. But when he came to audition, and when he gathered his shoulders. Then they were sure, so they realized that they had found the real person for Al.

al bundy at work

Psycho Dad

5. Al Bundy favorite TV show is actually “Psycho Dad”, while however his favorite song is “Gene Chandler – Duke Of Earl”. As well Ed O’Neill is the only actor from the Married with Children tv show who appeared in all 260 episodes including pilot episodes.

Psycho Dad al bundy

Chi McBride was also guest star in Married with Children

You would not believe us, but Chi McBride was one time in sitcom Married with Children. He was in one episode called “Nooner or Nothing”, and he was shoe salesman with name Dexter.

Chi McBride married with children

So Chi McBride decided for Hollywood relatively late, because he was already in the thirties. Before acting career he worked for an American telephone company, but he also sang in a gospel choir at that time. Later he joined a music band in the begin of the 90s where they have released an album in 1991. By all means this was not enough for him, so he moved from Chicago to L.A. with hope for a television career.

Chi McBride married with children dexter

So when he started his Hollywood carrier he has received a few smaller guest appearances for example on sitcom The Prince of Bel Air. But after some time television became too small for him. He wanted larger Hollywood projects. Hence he is best known for tv role in the movie with Nicolas Cage called “Gone in 60 Seconds”.

For sure he has a successful career, but for some reason he returned to the small screen where we could see him in several tv series. So we could see him in the successful tv series “House M.D.”. Where from 2007 to 2009, he had a smaller tv role as Edward Vogler in this tv series.

Hill Harper from The Good Doctor in Married with Children

His beginnings in the show business Hill Harper started in 1994 with a small tv roles like in the sitcom called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But most important the actor previously worked as guest star in several episodes on Married with Children. He was still  inexperienced at that time.

hill harper

In addition to his work in show business as an actor, Hill Harper is also politically engaged as a supporter of Barack Obama. It is also very interesting that he was also a Barack Obama classmate at Harvard Law School. But they also know each other before that, specifically on the baseball field. He supposed to be very good at playing basketball but he wanted more to be an actor. So he continued in that direction.

Polk High Anthem

So in 1995, he got another tv role in UPN’s live shot. This was followed by other smaller tv roles for example in City of Angels where he was in 20 episodes. However the biggest breakthrough for Hill Harper was when he got a huge tv role in popular tv show CSI: New York as Sheldon Hawkes. There he was in 200 episodes, or in other words he was from the beginning to the end of the show.

CSI: New York hill harper

He is currently best known for his TV role in the series The Good Doctor as Dr. Marcus Andrews.

It is also less known that he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer several years ago, but luckily he defeated the disease.

Go With Him – Great Moment with Al Bundy

The most popular sitcom “Married With Children” from the late 80s and 90s is associated by almost everyone in the world. One of the most popular characters in the series sure is a dad named Al. Many funny moments are associate with him, it is indeed true TV legend.

So we can see in one “Married With Children” episode how Al heard the melody of the catchy song on the radio. But he does not know the name of the song. In the next days Al Bundy is trying to find a name of that song that he constantly is singing. But nobody could help him because he only knows the mysterious melody: “Hmm hmm him…”.

Again this mysterious melody: “Hmm hmm him …” is in his head.

al bundy Go With Him

Also again Al heard the song on the radio for the second time in past several days, but again radio manager did not said the song name.

Because of the melody he was no longer able to withstand. He could not even eat, although this did not happen often. So one day, Kelly’s boyfriend said that his father is an excellent expert on old songs, and maybe he can help him about that. However, he recommended a store where the seller knew all the old songs names.

al bundy Go With Him part

When Al Bundy came to the store, the salesman said that he had never heard the melody before, and again the Bundy did not have the luck.

al bundy Go With Him gif

Al was close to madness, but in the end he suddenly heard his song again,. This time was played by the music jukebox. It was a song by Arthur Alexander – Anna (Go to Him). So for $60 Al bought a vinyl record, and he listened that song all the time.