Ed O’Neill did not recognize Britney Spears

They are both stars, and they have millions of fans around the world, but for some reason Ed O’Neill difficult recognize other celebrities. The same situation happened with the famous singer Britney Spears. So when they met for the first time he did not know who she was. Also she wanted to take a photo with him. So this situation he has revealed in the talk show by Ellen DeGeneres, it was very funny to hear that. He met her at the airport in Los Angeles where they taken a photo together.

Ed ONeill Admits He Had No Idea Who Britney Spears

Ed O’Neill said: “I had no idea who is she”.

But O’Neill also said: “She was a very nice person”.

So Britney Spears came close to him, and she said that she loves very much the “Modern Family” tv show. Since she was polite, and she asked me to take a photo together, i normally agreed.


But this is not all because just one day later, Britney Spears manager published photo on Twitter. After that this tweet received many likes.

In 2011 Ed O’Neill received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ed O’Neill is great actor where he participated at two Golden Globe nominations including the Innovation Award of the TV Land Award in 2009. So in the great 90s, he was one of the highest-paid American actors. But it is not surprising to us that since the time, the series “Married with Children” was enormously popular all over the world, especially in America. So because of that he won many awards where in 2011 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Great success, is not it?

Ed O’Neill also said: “I would be stupid if I did not understand how lucky I was”.

ed oneill star walk of fame

So in Los Angeles in 2011 actor Ed O’Neill received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As you can see, he came with two wifes, one from the series “Married with Children”, while the other wife is from the series “Modern Family”. Such a lucky guy!

Sofia Vergara Dressed Up Like Peg Bundy

US actor Ed O’Neill is best known as Al Bundy from “Married with Children” tv series, although he is well known also for his role in the series “Modern Family”. We still believe that he will remain best known for role as Al Bundy.

As we said earlier at the ceremony he came with two television wives: Katey Sagal from the series “Married with Children,” and normally with his current series wife from “Modern Family”, Sofia Vergara.

David Faustino – Al Bundys son Bud has a brother

If we go back to the past then we can see that since his guest role in tv series called “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”, actor David Faustino has been friends with the Corin Nemec. Some time after they have together created the online tv series called ‘Star-ving’ in the year 2009. But unfortunately the series never came to life. After that he had several guest appearances, but nothing major. So we could say that he was in series where he had guest tv appearances, such as in “Winx Club: Enchantix”, “Dragons: Riders of Berk”, “The Legend of Korra”, and for example “Bones”. For now nothing serious and constant in some tv show.

Michael Faustino

It is also very interesting that he was a temporarily member of a music rock band in the early 90s. They were most popular with the album “Balistyx” including single ‘I Told Ya’.

As for the family, he has a brother Michael Faustino which is also an actor. His brother was in several movies: “Suburban Commando”, “Fatal Friendship”, but he was also several times guest star in “Married with Children”.

Michael Faustino mwc

According to VH1 list: Entertainment 100 Greatest Kid Stars, David Faustino is ranked 48th.

Besides acting he also for some time had the restaurant “The Central” in Los Angeles.

Once upon a time, he wanted to see if anyone would recognize him, so he went to the mall. He walked there, but no one recognized him. It was not difficult for him, in fact he says: it is an advantage for to walk freely.

Kyler Murray signs $36 million rookie contract with the Arizona Cardinals

It’s over now, the first contract has finally fallen of the 2019 Draft. So the lucky guy is Kyler Murray which is now officially under rookie contract. So if you do not know he recently has signed his rookie contract with the Arizona Cardinals, it was amazing. So Kyler Murray rookie contract runs for four years with one possibility, which is a new fifth year contract of course if he wants it.

As well according by the US broadcaster from NBC, Kyler Murray does not have to worry about his salary because it is guaranteed by contract. It is also interesting that he has in the past during his college years been thinking about baseball. So it happened that in 2018 MLB Draft, he was selected by the Oakland Athletics, where they agreed a $4.6 million contract. But in the end he changed his mind and chose to join the NFL.

Kyler Murray nfl

The quarterback Kyler Murray will earn a lot of money for playing in NFL. For example his contract will bring to him almost $36 million for the first four years of the contract. And as we said before the salary is 100% guaranteed by contract. From contract we can see that $24 million is the bonus that quarterback receives every month thanks to contract.

As well about the Arizona Cardinals, this is actually the second first round rookie contract given to a quarterback player.

Actor Ed O’Neill Buys Beautiful Home For Only $6.25 Million in Hawaii

If you did not know the series “Modern Family” will end a bit earlier than anticipated somewhere in 2020. So it can be assumed that the famous actor Ed O’Neill bought a house in Hawaii because of that. It is obvious that he wants to rest from anything, and it is not strange since he is old also. He is not young Al Bundy like 30 years ago.

So he bought a beautiful house in Hawaii for only $6.25 Million, the house is located in Kailua-Kona. The house is big 4,200-square-foot, and from what we can see it has four bedrooms, four baths with beautiful open floor which is amazing. The house has a very nice design, while one part of the house is decorated in African style.

But as we have said a while ago, most of the house has a large opening. It does not surprise us because in Hawaii is great weather. Also close to its home, there are golf courses, a swimming pool, and of course barbecue area. Mostly what we have seen, we can tell you that the location of the home is excellent.

Therefore we can say that the women’s shoes salesman managed to hide money from his wife Peggy.

al bundy womens shoes

We sincerely hope that Ed O’Neill will be able to rest, but at the same time have fun in Hawaii.