Ed O’Neill is going shirtless for bicycle ride to the beach with speed of only 50 mph

Everyone knows very well that Ed O’Neill does not care what others think of him. So as you know he is most popular for tv roles of “Modern Family” and of course “Married with Children“.

So some time before the “Al Bundy” actor was riding a bicycle completely shirtless through Santa Monica on a nice sunny day. Although everyone could see his tummy, where from what we could see he hardly bothers about that. Also according to some information that unfortunately can not be confirmed, he drove the bicycle very quickly at least with speed of 50 mph. He was driving so fast that people could hardly see him.


What we have seen that day, it only confirms that he finally started to eat because his previous television wife Peggy was not cooking for him. Besides that he is in good shape for his age. It can be seen that he just enjoyed driving, he was completely relaxed, and he had been laughing for a couple of times for the camera. Indeed he is a good person who did a better world for all. We hope we will see him again on the bicycle, and that he can enjoy nice weather in Santa Monica.


Could you ride a bicycle so fast as Ed O’Neill?

Psycho Dad and Al Bundy

You probably know, but if you do not know Al Bundy favorite tv show is “Psycho Dad”. So in this show the fictional character is wearing the same “psycho” suit for the last seven years. In every episode there is an average of 84 murders according to Marcy D’Arcy. She says that is far too much for television. As well, Psycho Dad accidentally shot President Lincoln in one of the episodes. It was pure accident, and he could not do anything about that.

Psycho Dad al bundy mwc

Because of all that, Marcy D’Arcy manages to stop filming the series. So Al and his friends are going to protest with requests for the reactivation of the show. After some time the leading actor from the “Psycho Dad” tv show is holding a press conference. He said that “Psycho Dad” tv series ends forever. Al and his friends can not believe what they heard, and because of that they went to Washington to ask the United States Senate for the reactivation of “Psycho Dad”. But unfortunately the Senate rejected their request.

Psycho Dad- An Al Bundy

As well Al Bundy and his NO MA’AM friends did not missed a single episode until Marcy D’Arcy and her group of women protest, and unfortunately the series ended.

What Artificial Intelligence thinks about Ed O’Neill

Here you can see how Artificial Intelligence thinks about Ed O’Neill.

“My name is Ed O’Neill. He was born around a hundred years ago, perhaps in 1672, and is a member of the Old Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His mother married a Mr. F. F. McDonough, another member of the Old Church. But it will be interesting to observe how often he has attended, attended when he has been there, attended when he was out of the town, and his own opinions of others from those times have been quite different. For example he always speaks of the Book of Abraham. His daughter gave him a copy when he was a boy, and he has never since checked it. He also tells the tale of Moses of the prophet, but in the light of the circumstances of those occasions, as he does those that he has had to relate: Moses was a youth. He was in New Orleans, where he had come from California, and there was a congregation of Mormons.”

Anyway the engineer who created this special web application is Adam King. Otherwise OpenAI is a non-profit research organization which is working with artificial intelligence.

You can also try the system yourself at talktotransformer.com.

Married With Children Predicts Bruce Jenner Is A Woman In 1996!!

Producers of the great TV series “Married With Children” have been predicted Bruce Jenner scene more than 20 years ago. Also if you dont know he is also a former Olympian with gold medal. As well at the same time family member of the world’s most famous family Kardashians.

This happend in the “Married With Children” episode called “Torch Song Duet” aired in 1996. So a man approached Marcy D’Arcy where he asked her if she was Bruce Jenner. He asked her because Marcy looks very similar to Bruce Jenner, she has a very similar hairstyle which Bruce Jenner was wearing at that time in 1996.

Married With Children Predicts Bruce Jenner

So many year later to be precise Bruce Jenner did what he announced some time before. He is very pleased with that move.

He also said: My brain is a lot more feminine than a man. He also states that he felt so, and that the only solution was to do that. Now he is happy although it is strange for some people. So he is now a woman, and he or she can do whatever wants.

Bruce Jenner woman

Also if you dont know Bruce Jenner is Olympic Gold medal winner, which he won many years ago at the 1976 Olympic Games.

Who’s Stronger – Al Bundy or Terminator T-800?

This is serious, what if Terminator go mad for some reason? Who will save the world?

Surely the world will not be saved by superhero like Superman, because it can only be saved by Women’s shoe salesman. They are brave man who see strange things every day. This is a real power, not muscle.

Therefore, for some reason the termination has begun, and the world needs Al Bundy help, so the battle begins. It’s going to be epic.

Lets Rock

al bundy fights

This is going to be the biggest superhero rivalry ever. So Terminator T-800 strikes first, but that’s nothing for Al Bundy. So normally Bundy strikes back.

Both have demonstrated strength, and because of this we still do not know who will win. Will Al Bundy save the world? Battle has been going on for days but the winner is not in sight yet.

When Terminator T-800 gets tired of fighting, Bundy is done! But as T-800 is cybernetic organism, with living tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton. It will never become boring for him.

Then Al Bundy remembered he had a secret weapon, and actually he has smelly socks including feet. So he took off socks and threw socks on him.

He defeated Terminator T-800, and he saved the world.

A lot of people will think that the Terminator T-800 is stronger than Al Bundy, but as you can see Bundy will eventually get stronger.