Married with Children: That’s what the stars are doing today

Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy

Ed ONeill as Al Bundy

After the end of the “Married … With Children” series, actor Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy got a little out of the Hollywood business, but he succeeded to go back to the front row of the show business. So we could see him in tv show called “Big Apple”, as well in hit series “Dragnet”. But in 2009 O’Neill great and big tv role as a family man in the sitcom classic “Modern Family”. It is a very similar series, although his Jay Pritchett is a lot more successful then Al Bundy. Since 2011, Ed ONeill has his own Hollywood star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, great work Ed!

Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Amazing four nominations for the Golden Globe award had brought her role of Peggy Bundy which is great. She has a very good tv career even after the end of the “Married with Children” tv show. The image of women in “Married … With Children” she sees today extremely critical for an unknown reason. Anway today we can see her in “Sons of Anarchy” but also in some other tv shows. Also did you know that Katey Sagal has its own Hollywood Star since 2014?

Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy

Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy

Kelly aka Pumpkin – for some people this is a tv role that required quite a capacity for suffering with her actress abilities. Christina Applegate succeeded that with naive humor whichi is funny. After the end of the show from 1998 onwards, Christina played the single mother role in “Jessie” for 2 seasons, and later receiving a award for music role in the Broadway musical “Sweet Charity”. After that she was in “Samantha Who?” for some time. After that we could read about her breast cancer disease in the late nineties, however today Christina Applegate is cured.

David Faustino as Bud Bundy

David Faustino as Bud Bundy

As you know With grips, but without fortune. David Faustino also had to take a mighty tv role in the role of small Bud, and could not shake off the smell of his loser role for a long time. Later a rap band David started as unsuccessful project with its own discotheque at that time. Now he has taken root with television roles in sitcoms such as “Entourage”. But also with tv shows for example “Atomic Shark” including “Sharknado”. At this moment he can be seen in sitcom “The Young and the Restless”.

Great tv show “Married with Children” – This has become of Al Bundy & Co.

Now for many many years, the sitcom “Married with Children” attracted viewers in front of the small tv screens. Father Al, mother Peggy and normally the kids Kelly and Bud inspired many people. They live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. As well more than 20 years ago, the last episode of the show was aired. Although it was long time ago. We still today recognize the Bundy family, and all the events from the series.

ed oneill al bundy

So the actor Ed O’Neill had the main tv as Al Bundy. He is the head of the Bundy family. Aslo after the end of the sitcom, he had a solid breakthrough until 2009 when he got a new starring role in the very successful sitcom called “Modern Family”. And again he plays the head of the family. He has been nominated now several times for the role of Jay Pritchett for an Emmy award. Besides that Ed O’Neill was also in animated films, for example “Finding Dory”.


Actor Katey Sagal had a tv role as Al Bundy’s wife Peggy. She as well is thinking of the role of the crude proletarian in some way. Later after the end of the show she took new tv role of in the sitcom “8 Simple Rules”. As well it is very interesting that she has in one episode met her former colleague Ed O’Neill, who has had a guest role in the tv series. But the series was unfortunately not long lasting. From 2008 to 2014 she was in the new series “Sons of Anarchy” where she won a Golden Globe for her role as Gemma Teller Morrow.

Married With Children Season 1 – Episode 1 Guide

So the main actors in the series of the “Married With Children” show in the first season in 1987 are Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate, and David Faustino. But there are also Amanda Bearse and David Garrison.
So you can see that at the beginning of the series we meet actors. So in this way we can see who will be all in the sitcom.

Married With Children Season 1

And story begins, in this episode we can see how the Bundys make friends with their new neighbors Steve and Marcy. Although Al Bundy is not happy about that, so in the further course we can see a discussion between Al and Peggy about their neighbors.

Married With Children - Episode 1

Because Al came from work and he would love to go to the Chicago Bulls game later. He also has free tickets for the game, but unfortunately his wife Peggy has other plans for him. Peggy wants Al to stay home with her to meet their new neighbors Marcy and Steve. Later when the new neighbors came to their house Al and Steve decide to watch an erotic show on tv. Which made their wifes angry. During that time thier wifes wonder if they are still attractive to their husbands. Also throughout the episode 1 we can see several funny conversations between Al and Peggy, but also between their neighbors Steve anb Marcy.

Married with Children Quiz – Only for the Bravest

This quiz is intended only for the bravest, but also for the biggest fans of the “Married with Children” series. You have to be very quick because you only have one minute to answer all the questions in the quiz. We hope they are not overwhelming questions for you. If by chance you have not been able to answer all the questions correctly, you can start a quiz again. But we believe that all fans of the “Married with Children” series will not have any problems with knowledge of the tv show. Because the “Married with Children” series is still great after many years, and many people still today watch MWC. We can only tell you, good luck with the quiz. Al Bundy believes in you.


You’re a dead man. Today is the first day of the end of your life.

This is bad. Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t bury the wife in the backyard.

#1 Is it true that Married with Children had a different title ?

#2 What was the original title of the Married with Children show?

#3 Married with Children‘s star Ed O’Neill is training what?

#4 Is it true that Cosmo Kramer could gave been Al Bundy?

#5 Kelly and Bud, were originally played by who?

#6 Is there was a banned Married with Children episode?

#7 What car model is this?

#8 Married with Children first episode aired when?


Married with Children Facts – Michael Clarke Duncan as Bouncer

Michael Clarke Duncan is born in Chicago in 1957, he was raised by his mother including with his older sister when he was 6. Duncan promised to his mother that he will avoid trouble and gang crimes. After high school, Duncan first goes to the Kankakee Community College in Illinois, and then later goes to the Alcorn State University in Mississippi. However, unfortunately he stoped his studies to support his ailing mother. So he normally get a job as construction worker, while he later worked on the gas pump.

Michael Clarke Duncan married with children security

Some time after Michael Clarke Duncan was one of the great discoveries as actor in year 1999. He was very successful in the movie “The Green Mile” alongside with Tom Hanks’s. This great movie instantly earned him a nomination for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, indeed a great acknowledgment.

Michael Clarke Duncan married with children bud bundy

But before he became popular he was on more than 60 auditions, and he secured the tv role of a drill sergeant in a beer commercial. After that he was in several tv shows for example “Married with Children” where he had a role as bouncer. Besides that he was was spotted by F. Gary Gray for his directorial debut Friday with Ice Cube including Chris Tucker. But this is not all because in 1998, Michael Clarke Duncan had the audience’s sympathies as Bear alongside with Bruce Willis in Michael Bay’s blockbuster called “Armageddon”. He wes with Bruce Willis, Rosanna Arquette including Matthew Perry. Later Duncan played in Jonathan Lynn’s comedy movie called “No Half Things” in 2000.

Michael Clarke Duncan married with children guard

Unfortunately, he left us too soon because he suddenly died of respiratory failure. Michael Clarke Duncan left behind his mother, and his sister with his fiancée.