Bud and Kelly Bundy meet again

How the time flies! Since “Married with Children” was filmed. At a movie premiere, Al Bundy kids meet again, and both now are in their 40s.

At the movie premiere of the “Vacation” movie in Los Angeles, David Faustino and Applegate met again. Many years after the end of the show, the unequal TV kids seem to be splendid at least in real life.

Bud and Kelly Bundy meet again

While Bud and Kelly were rarely at eye level on the TV show, things looked very different on the red carpet. We could see how Applegate and Faustino laughed and hugged, so cute.

“Vacation” is the new film made by Christina Applegate, which in the past few years has repeatedly featured in Hollywood comedies with similar movies.

Also take a look photos below.

Even Faustino tried some TV roles in various productions, but he could not build same successes.

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