Beautiful Kelly Bundy Photos from Married with Children

Kelly Bundy is a beautiful but dumb daughter of the Bundys. Which is why her brother Bud fooled her regularly. Kelly then returns by fooling him, because he never had a date, and enjoys his rubber doll. Actress Christina Applegate did a great job as Kelly Bundy in TV series Married with Children. His role is so great that everyone loves her. It is also interesting, many years later everyone remembers her mostly for Kelly Bundy. It does not really surprise us because we all enjoyed watching the series on our small TV screens. Also 30 years later we still love to watch tv series Married with Children.

Be sure to see all the pictures from the gallery above. Indeed all the photos are very beautiful and interesting, each in its own way.

Christina Applegate plays the Kelly Bundy in TV comedy Married with Children. Her “daddy” calls her “Pumpkin”. Reason for this is her appearance as a naive blonde.

She works as a waitress, model, and dancer.

Is she not beautiful? Which is your favorite?

Share the Kelly Bundy beauty, and do not forget to look all the pictures because there are a doze. Just for you.

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