Amanda Bearse: Marcy D’Arcy tv role in the sitcom ‘Married with Children’

As you already know Amanda Bearse became worldwide known for her great serial tv role in the popular US sitcom called ‘Married with Children’. So she has a role of the neighbor of the Bundy family. Also she is the best friend of Peggy Bundy, which is the wife of the Al Bundy who is women shoes salesman.

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Besides that Amanda Bearse was also in production of the tv series for alsmost 10 years from 1987 to 1997. The main cast of ‘Married with Children’ from her side are an ambitious bank clerk Steve Rhoades, but there is later a new actor as her second husband Jefferson D’Arcy who marries her in the later part of the sitcom. What is really the most ridiculous that women shoes salesman Al Bundy including her are constantly harassing each other. They are throwing insults on each other, but this is so funny therefore it is impossible for anyone to forget.

Al Bundy vs Marcy jokes

As we said earlier Amanda Bearse besides presence in front of the camera, she was also several times behind the camera as director for several episodes during the filming of ‘Married with Children’. After the end of the popular tv show, she unfortunately has not received a significant TV role so far in some movie or series. But it would certainly be interesting for her.

Married with Children: Amanda Bearse and her big secret

As you know Amanda Bearse was one of the well-known tv actors of the 80s and 90s. Through her starring role as Marcy Rhoades and later as Marcy D’Arcy in ‘Married with Children’. She became very popular around the world, as the sitcom was a huge success as you know. Even in the beginnings she attracted much press attention. But most important when Amanda Bearse publicly announced that she is a lesbian, this happend in 1993.

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Because of that she was very popular at other comedians and artists like in the comedy called ‘Out There 2’, which was the first television sitcom on American televisions. What is most interesting that she was keeping her big secret secret for many years, and she was very successful in that. About her film career Amanda Bearse after ‘Married with Children’ did not have any film or series big tv role. But regardless of that she is a very successful woman. As well she also directed the series ‘Married with Children’ for a number of episodes.

Now today Amanda Bearse lives in sunny city Los Angeles with her partner, where they have two adopted daughters. However during her life she has lived in many different locations through United states of America. So she was in Florida, New York, but also in Atlanta.

Ed O’Neill is going shirtless for bicycle ride to the beach with speed of only 50 mph

Everyone knows very well that Ed O’Neill does not care what others think of him. So as you know he is most popular for tv roles of “Modern Family” and of course “Married with Children“.

So some time before the “Al Bundy” actor was riding a bicycle completely shirtless through Santa Monica on a nice sunny day. Although everyone could see his tummy, where from what we could see he hardly bothers about that. Also according to some information that unfortunately can not be confirmed, he drove the bicycle very quickly at least with speed of 50 mph. He was driving so fast that people could hardly see him.


What we have seen that day, it only confirms that he finally started to eat because his previous television wife Peggy was not cooking for him. Besides that he is in good shape for his age. It can be seen that he just enjoyed driving, he was completely relaxed, and he had been laughing for a couple of times for the camera. Indeed he is a good person who did a better world for all. We hope we will see him again on the bicycle, and that he can enjoy nice weather in Santa Monica.


Could you ride a bicycle so fast as Ed O’Neill?

Psycho Dad and Al Bundy

You probably know, but if you do not know Al Bundy favorite tv show is “Psycho Dad”. So in this show the fictional character is wearing the same “psycho” suit for the last seven years. In every episode there is an average of 84 murders according to Marcy D’Arcy. She says that is far too much for television. As well, Psycho Dad accidentally shot President Lincoln in one of the episodes. It was pure accident, and he could not do anything about that.

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Because of all that, Marcy D’Arcy manages to stop filming the series. So Al and his friends are going to protest with requests for the reactivation of the show. After some time the leading actor from the “Psycho Dad” tv show is holding a press conference. He said that “Psycho Dad” tv series ends forever. Al and his friends can not believe what they heard, and because of that they went to Washington to ask the United States Senate for the reactivation of “Psycho Dad”. But unfortunately the Senate rejected their request.

Psycho Dad- An Al Bundy

As well Al Bundy and his NO MA’AM friends did not missed a single episode until Marcy D’Arcy and her group of women protest, and unfortunately the series ended.

Wanker County – a place where Peggy Bundy and other Wankers live

If you don’t know Wanker County is located in Wisconsin, north of Illinois. It is actually a birthplace of Peggy Bundy as her maiden name is Wanker. So all other Wankers come from Wanker County. They bought the land from the Indians. As well it is very interesting that Albert Einstein has allegedly said that for Wanker Country “Everything is relative”.

Married with Children wankers

From other interesting facts we can say that the old Indian name of Wanker County is “Obi luba possa wadamy”, which means “Land of the big, gassy Possum”.

king kong bundy

So Parents of Peggy Bundy are Ephraim Wanker and Peggy’s mother, and for some reason we do not know the name of her. Normally they live on the farm in Wanker County, north of Illinois. However everyone who lives in Wanker County can also be a member of the Wanker family if they wish. So they have a big happy family there.

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Occasionally we could see uncle and cousins in television show “Married with Children”, but unfortunately we do not have much information about them.

So for example season 2, episode 22 we can see a few members of Wanker family.