Married With Children – The Dodge Wasn’t A Dodge

In TV show Married With Children we can see many times how Al Bundy have problems with his car. He is struggling almost every day, and he is not happy about that. While his wife Peggy watch Oprah on TV, he is probably pushing a car to home at that time. There are many reasons for car problems but most common is when the Dodge stays without fuel. Nothing odd because Al Bundy has no money for fuel. Also there is nothing strange about it because his wife spent all the money.

In general the writers of the show decided that Al’s car is an old Dodge. But what is most interesting this Dodge was actually 1972 Plymouth Duster. Until today we still don’t know why writers decided to refer to it as a Dodge, not as  Plymouth Duster. Do you know maybe why? For us it is a complete mystery.

Married With Children - dodge

However with certainty we can say that Al Bundy was unhappy with this old Dodge. He always had problems with this car, and often he had to push it home. Which is really sad while their neighbours, Marcy drives a new Mercedes. Otherwise which moment with Dodge was the funniest moment in Married With Children for you?

Did You Know That Cosmo Kramer Could Have Been Al Bundy

As we have already said, there will be many interesting facts about Married with Children TV show. So some stories says that another 90s TV star could have played Al Bundy role. So who it could be?

The answer is very simple because it was Michael Richards who could have been a Women’s shoe salesman. In our opinion, he does not fit Al Bundy role in Married with Children TV show. He is simply not the type of man who could represent Women’s shoe salesman. So the story goes like this, Michael Richards has applied for the show for Al Bundy role in 1986. After consideration Casting director Marc Hirschfeld has decided that Richards is not right person for Al Bundy, and indeed he did not make a mistake. Although he is a very good actor especially in comedies where he become most popular in tv show Seinfeld. We believe that we can all agree that everything went great with the selection of Ed O’Neill for this role.

What is your opinion on this matter, would you prefer more Michael Richards or Ed O’Neill for Al Bundy role? We know, definitely Ed O’Neill.

Cosmo Kramer Could Have Been Al Bundy

Facts About Al Bundy From Married With Children That Will Blow Your Mind

Between the many classic TV series in the 90s, the television series “Married… with Children” certainly stands out, or in other words it was unique in that time. From many 90s family sitcoms this TV show had completely different concept of family. Actually it was showing a Chicago family Bundys where everything was not ideal. Also a very interesting fact is that the “Married With Children” is Fox longest-lasting sitcom. Which only proves what success it had. But we can certainly agree that we all love Al Bundy, and still today nothing changes about that. Here is a pure legend!

There are many facts but also surprises about “Married With Children” for which we are pretty sure you didn’t know. So today we are going to write about first fact about Ed O’Neill which represents the main role Al Bundy.


Many years ago approximately 30 years ago, Ed O’Neill was invited by his friend to come with him to visit the Gracie Academy in Torrance, CA. He was invited to see what he was doing at Gracie Academy. Beginning of training did not yield satisfactory results, because he was not interesting in this kind of class. But he remained to the end of the class, and eventually he changed opinion about that. So O’Neill started training Jiu-Jitsu, incredible but true. To be more precise he started to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is certainly commendable, because training any kind of sport is good for health. Therefore when he is not working or acting, he is training Jiu-Jitsu. After much sweat and work he received a Black Belt which is definitely amazing. He is also very proud of his success, although he thinks his family is the greatest achievement. So be careful because Al Bundy can kick your butt.

Al Bundy Brazilian Jiujitsu

So as we said earlier Ed O’Neill received black belt in 2007. Since then he is not separated from black belt, wherever he goes the black belt goes with him. Of course we are joking. Besides that if you don’t know nothing about Jiu-Jitsu, then we can tell you that the word  “jiu-jitsu” is associated with Japan normally. Regarding the meaning of the word on Japanese it means the body’s elasticity. Simply said it means that a person who trains the Jiu-Jitsu can simply bend in any direction. For us this is not surprising because Samurai warriors trained Jiu-Jitsu which would give them the ability to fight without weapon if of course it is necessary.

So you can see that this sport is actually dangerous, but at the same time it kept Ed O’Neill powerful and healthy. So be careful with Al bundy.