Ed O’Neill & Christopher Lloyd Launch Spy Podcast Series ‘The Undercovers’

Great news people, Married with Children star Ed O’Neill with Christopher Lloyd have a new project for television.We are talking about tv show The Undercovers.

We can all agree when we say that the Ed O’Neill and Christopher Lloyd are most significant people in Hollywood. They are very creative when we come to television.

So what is about this new tv show? From what we can see it will be about undercover agent, and this show will have mostly parts of drama. The Undercovers is produced for Digital Audio Exchange, whichi is the digital audio advertising platform.

So in the first season Ed O’Neill will tell the real story about undercover agent Follis which is a DEA Special Agent and former USMC investigator. You will able to see what was he doing, what he needs to do, and normally it tells the tale of Follis in the Golden Triangle. Which is the biggest opium trafficking enterprise.

Complete story is based on true stories, so we beleive it will be very interesting. And from latest info, at this moment it is set to launch on October 8 this year.

Christina Applegate – 2019 Emmy Awards Dead to Me episode revealed for Best Actress

We have received information about Christina Applegate that she is giving the “Dead to Me” episode “I’ve Gotta Get Away” for 2019 Emmy Awards submission in category for Best Comedy Actress. This particular episode is from first season of the Netflix show, and actually it is the fifth episode. In the past she had great experience in Emmy Awards submissions, as you maybe remember in 2003, Applegate had tv role in popular tv show “Friends” where she won in competition for guest role episode.

Christina Applegate Netflix show Dead to Me

But this is not all because this is now her fifth nomination. In 2019 she has great chance to win again, from what we can see hers competitors are: Rachel Brosnahan from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, Phoebe Waller-Bridge from “Fleabag”, Julia Louis-Dreyfus from “Veep”, and Catherine O’Hara from “Schitt’s Creek”. But we hope that Christina Applegate will won again in Best Comedy Actress competition.

Wish her good luck, and what do you think will she win again?

Married with Children Episode:Tooth or Consequences

So this Married with Children episode is called Tooth or Consequences, and it is fourth episode which comes from season 4. This episode was originally aired on October 1, 1989 on Fox TV. The story goes like this, Al Bundy has a toothache, and because of that he is forced to go to a dentist.

Episode-Tooth or Consequences

But there was no luck for Al because his dentist is currently divorcing, where dentist must give expensive cars to ex-wife. Therefore the dentist is not very happy about that.

Married with Children tooth or consequences

Al Bundy is like many other men, they all are afraid of the dentist. So one night once again at home Al Bundy could not sleep because of pain. His wife Peggy can not stand it anymore, so she gets an appointment with the dentist for Al. But the story not end here because during the treatment, the doctor receives a call from his ex-wife.

Doctor needs to deliver his Ferrari and his Corvette to ex-wife, but he does not want to do it. So he then leaves his anger on Al during treatment. The poor Al comes home with a bandaged jaw around head, and normally Peggy cooks today.

Married with Children: Desperately Seeking Miss October

So in episode called: Desperately Seeking Miss October from Married with Children we can see how a Playboy playmate Brandi Brandt comes into Al’s shoe store. So normally he is eager to quickly get home, and then too see her October 1987 issue in magazine. But when he comes home and starts searching for this old issue of Playboy then he finds out that Peggy sold all the magazines. Because she wanted to buy a good luck charm to win the lottery, and normally Al hardly survived when he found out about that.

Brandi Brandt Desperately Seeking Miss October

Al Bundy wants to show Steve the greatest Miss October in his Playboy collection. But it turns out to his horror that his wife Peggy has discarded all magazines. Al who has inherited the complete collection of magazines from his father is then haunted by his spirit. Al father ghost orders him to reclaim it back. The eyes of all men in heaven are directed at him, in Al Bundy. And this burden is even a man with Al Bundy’s self-esteem.

In the end of episode, the story ends with a happy ending because Peggy had small car accident, where she received a enough money to buy all the magazines back.

Evelyn Lozada as Peggy Bundy from MWC

From recently we can see how people organize themed parties, especially on thematics of the 90s. So recently the known star Evelyn Lozada organized a theme party about series: Married … with Children. As far as we can see, it was very successful, especially with regard to costumes, because she was dressed as Peggy Bundy.

Evelyn Lozada as Peggy Bundy one

We have to admit that she looks nice, and at the same time she is very faithful as the Peggy Bundy aka Katey Sagal from MWC. We also have to admit that she really did great job with clothing. What is your opinion about that?

Otherwise, if you do not know who Peggy Bundy is, she comes from the tv show Married … with Children, which was shown for 10 years from 1987 to 1997. And for the time being, it was a very popular series of 90s, if not the best comedy tv series ever.