Amazing Ed O’Neill knew Meghan, Duchess of Sussex as a child

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (37) seems to have had a pretty exciting childhood! As an actress she made a name for herself in Hollywood before she married the British prince Harry (34), and turned her back on the dream factory.

How did that happen? Meghan’s father Thomas Markle worked for the show “Married with Children” first as responsible for the lighting, later as a cameraman.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

In Ellen DeGeneres talk show, Ed O’Neill said: “She always came in her little Catholic school uniform to the set, she was about nine years old.”

Meghan Markles Family Breakdown

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex spoke about it a years ago, and said: “Every day after school, for ten years, I was on the set of ‘Married with Children’.” She added also in the interview that she was not allowed to watch the sitcom. But she was allowed to see the credits so she could kiss the screen when she saw dad’s name there.


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