Amazing: 5 great quotes from Married with Children with legend Al Bundy

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As everybody knows TV show Married with Children is greatest TV show in the 90s. Because of that today we want to provide to you most funniest quotes from Al Bundy, but also from Peggy and other TV characters from the show.  Although 30 years already passed from last episode we still love to watch MWC. So below you can see most funniest quotes from Al Bundy.
“Feed me, or feed me to something. I just want to be part of the food chain.”

“This is bad. Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t bury the wife in the backyard.”

“Peggy: Hey Al, did ya miss me?”
“Al Bundy: With every bullet so far.”

“I was driving home… God knows why?”


“Let me explain. It’s just like an elevator. There’s a 2 ton weight limit on those shoes…”


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