All about Wrestling legend King Kong Bundy

King Kong Bundy was one of the best wrestlers in WWE in the 80s. At the first WrestleMania fight he defeated his opponent in only 9 seconds, super fast. At the second WrestleMania fight he lost against Hulk Hogan. But that was nothing strange at that time.

Legends of Wrestlemania - Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy

At WrestleMania he fought in a steel cage, which is so scary. So for example most popular event was where he was against Hulk Hogan. After that he said goodbye to the WWE tv show. His fights at the WrestleMania made him a legend. Nobody will forget him.

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In addition to his appearances in the WWE ring, King Kong Bundy is known as an actor in a Married with Children sitcom in which he appeared in two episodes. He played once as Irwin Bundy, the brother of Peggy Bundy, while in the second episode he was a wrestler.

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Many years later in 2007 King Kong Bundy finally resigned. Also what is very interesting that just a day before his death, he still tweeted that he would go with AL Snow to an autograph session. So sad that this is now not possible. The WWE legend was only 61 years old. We belive one day he will certainly be accepted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which he certainly deserved.

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Gallery below.

Also did you know that the Bundy family was named after him in the tv show Married with Children?

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