Al Bundy’s Dodge has over a million miles

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The legendary Al Bundy car is a Dodge however in reality it is not a Dodge. It is actually Plymouth Duster various years (1966, 1971 and 1974) depending on episode from Tv series Married with Children. Dodge and Plymouth Duster are very similar cars to each other, and both brands belong to same car company Chrysler.

Get the Dodge Outta Hell al bundy

Also it is funny when in one episode Al Bundy says that he does not want Plymouth but his Dodge. As well Al’s car is brown but before was used to be blue. Even when it went to the car wash it turned out that car color is red. Al Bundy car in the sitcom had a lot of accidents, but in the end it has all survived. It is hard to believe that Bundy’s Dodge has over a million miles, and it is still running like new.

Today it’s not easy to find used but good condition Plymouth Duster. If we find one, they turn out to be not so cheap. So maybe Al Bundy can make a fortune with his Dodge.

al bundy rich


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