Actor Ed O’Neill Buys Beautiful Home For Only $6.25 Million in Hawaii

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If you did not know the series “Modern Family” will end a bit earlier than anticipated somewhere in 2020. So it can be assumed that the famous actor Ed O’Neill bought a house in Hawaii because of that. It is obvious that he wants to rest from anything, and it is not strange since he is old also. He is not young Al Bundy like 30 years ago.

So he bought a beautiful house in Hawaii for only $6.25 Million, the house is located in Kailua-Kona. The house is big 4,200-square-foot, and from what we can see it has four bedrooms, four baths with beautiful open floor which is amazing. The house has a very nice design, while one part of the house is decorated in African style.

But as we have said a while ago, most of the house has a large opening. It does not surprise us because in Hawaii is great weather. Also close to its home, there are golf courses, a swimming pool, and of course barbecue area. Mostly what we have seen, we can tell you that the location of the home is excellent.

Therefore we can say that the women’s shoes salesman managed to hide money from his wife Peggy.

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We sincerely hope that Ed O’Neill will be able to rest, but at the same time have fun in Hawaii.


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